We aim to nurture a new generation of Russian film directors,
one that is able to create brave and relevant films.
With the aid of its partners the Fund organizes full filming cycle,
from working on the director's script to film promotion
at Russian and worldwide festivals.

«Vad'd'a. Toll-houses»
2023, 61 minutes
The film was shot between spring and winter of 2021 near Luzhitcy village located in the west area of Leningrad's region. Exactly in that period of time natural and social landscape in that area began to change drastically because of grandiose industrial building process. The situation exceedingly affects vozhan, they are a small people with thousands years of history, they survived through wars, revolutions and Stalin's rule. Now due to economic development era they are facing another challenge.

Written and directed by Nikita Dobrynin
Camera: Kirill Dymov
Sound Engineer: Igor Gubarev
Art director: Alexander Sokurov
Produced by Nikolai Yankin, Natalia Smagina, Anastasia Shatalova
Awards & festivals
  • International Festival of Film Debuts «‎Spirit of Fire»‎
  • Lendoc Film Festival 2023
2023, 83 minutes
It is the story of a mature man, a long-haul driver Berd and a 17-year-old girl Dina who gets married to him. Together they build the biggest house in the village. Berd's plan is to make it a symbol of his superiority over the other villagers. In the whirlwind of events the newlyweds overlook the circumstance that the house which they have been building for so long, has turned into an impregnable fortress.

Director: Oleg Khamokov
Script: Zarina Kanukova
Camera: Dmitry Petrenko
Production design: Dmitry Tselikov
Music: Murat Kabardokov
Cast: Svetlana Mamresheva, Robert Saralp
Produced by Nikolai Yankin, Natalia Smagina
Cast: Svetlana Mamresheva, Robert Saralp, Tamara Balkarova, Alim Hokonov and others
Awards & festivals
  • Hainan International Film Festival
  • Independent International Film Festival SIFFA UK 2023
  • XVI International Film festival «East&West. Classics and Avant Garde»
  • International Film festival «Golden tower»
  • Film Festival «‎Stalker»‎
  • International Festival of Film Debuts «‎Spirit of Fire»‎
2022, 68 minutes
Dmitrii Poshtarenko recreated history in a panoramic view. Creators, artists and renovators made characters and decorations by hand which is helping to immerse viewer into events from war and to become a part of it: tanks, explosions, trains, destroyed houses and ruined nature is all around, even in the faces of wax figures of front-line soldiers you can see real emotions and life in their eyes.

Written and directed by Konstantin Selin
Cinematography by Konstantin Selin, Iliya Shudegov
Executive production by Anastasiya Shatalova
Film editing by Konstantin Selin
Sound design by Anastasiya Vladimirova
Art direction by Alexander Sokurov
Produced by Nikolai Yankin, Natalia Smagina
Cast: Дмитрий Поштаренко

Awards & festivals
  • International documentary film festival «Flahertiana», 2022
  • Moscow international documentary film festival «Doker», 2022
  • International film festival of documentary melodrama «Saratov sufferings», 2022
  • National Prize « Laurel branch»
  • Film festival «Russia», 2022
  • III international film festival Made in Saint-Petersburg», 2023
  • National Prize Name for Dziga Vertov , 2022
«Zhenya and Vanya at the end of the world»
2022, 46 minutes
Zhenya is the head of the weather station, Vanya is the junior meteorologist and an au pair. A ship called «Mikhail Somov» comes to a cape Kanin Nos once a year bearing groceries. After ship is gone they are left alone due to next spring. One day they have to face the storm which leaves them without any connection to the world, alone with each other and horrendous weather for 3 days.

Written and directed by Anna Katorina
Cinematography by Pavel Skvortsov
Produced by Nikolai Yankin, Natalia Smagina, Anastasia Shatalova
Art direction by Alexander Sokurov
Film editing by Anna Katorina, Pavel Skvortsov, Denis Nazarov
Music by Kirill Rihter
Sound design by Alexander Vanyukov
Cast: Evgenia Kostikova, Ivan Sivkov

Awards & festivals
  • International documentary film festival «Flahertiana», 2022
  • The international popular science and educational film festival «The World of Knowledge», 2022
  • Voices Film Festival, 2022
2022, 58 minutes
It was not just another expedition... Their main goal was to record in the Marble Gorge a fragment of the Gulag. Everything around came to life and began to find its voice.

Author of the idea: Alexey Bazyuk
Written and directed by Sergey Kalvarsky
Camera: Ivan Miklin
Music: Nikolai Ogarkov
Sound Engineer: Igor Gubarev
Art direction by Alexander Sokurov
Produced by Nikolai Yankin, Natalia Smagina, Anastasia Shatalova
Cast: Ivan Reshetnyak, Alexander Chubinets

2022, 82 minutes
Tembot has a dream - to be needed and to have a special place in anyones heart. He doesn't have one in his mother's heart because he is too resemblant to his father so she rejects him again and again. His close friend also expelles him from his heart - he sets him up big time. Finally, he doesn't have a place in his insensitive father's heart but Tembot still misses him. All this pain gives him a new beginning…

Written and directed by Tina Mastafova
Cinematography by Ivan Turuhano
Production design by Elena Oleynek
Film editing by Alexander Artemenko, Tina Mastafova
Music by Roman Zimarev, Vitaliy Laguta
Sound design by Ivan Gusakov
Costume design by Saniyat Atabieva
Make-up by Kseniya Yahina
Art direction by Alexander Sokurov
Produced by Nikolai Yankin, Natalia Smagina
Cast: Marat Taumurzaev, Marina Misostishkhova, Albert Babaev, Kantemir Shipshiev, Timur Begiev, Musa Zhanguzarov and others

Awards & festivals
  • A. Tarkovskii International Film Festival «Zerkalo», 2022
  • Open festival of cinema «Kinoshok», 2022
  • Voices Film Festival, 2022
  • Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, 2022
  • Moscow International Film Festival «Budem Zhit», 2022
2022, 8 episodes
Senya is a violinist from Pyatigorsk, he is obsessed with classical music that's why he wants to get in to the prestigious conservatory in Saint-Petersburg. As he enters the world of drugs, he realizes it can easily help him to make a name for himself and earn a lot of money, become independent and self-confident.

Writing credits: Alexander Talal, Eugene Israilit, Vladimir Naumov, Mark Zaevskii
Directed by Alexander Tsoy
Cinematography by Nikita Karmen
Production design by Dmitrii Tselikov
Produced by Eduard Eloyan, Vitalii Shlyapo, Denis Zhalinskii, Aleksey Trotsuk, Nikolay Yankin, Eugene Israilit, Ruslan Sorokin
Costume design by Eugeneya Soboleva

«To Stumnle»
2019, 13 minutes
«To Stumnle» is based on the novel «The Death of a Clerk» by A. P. Chekhov. The director aiming to blur the lines and talk about present days, attempts to capture the irony in author's words in which comedy and tragedy are blended.

Written and directed by Alexander Zolotuhin
Cinematography by Iyrat Yamilov
Production design by Julia Ulrikh, Igor Karev
Film editing by Nikita Baranov
Music by Sergey Slominskiy
Sound design by Ivan Gusakov
Costume design by Olga Smirnova
Make-up by Kseniya Yahina
Art direction by Aleksander Sokurov
Produced by Nikolai Yankin, Natalia Smagina
Cast: Vadim Skvirsky, Olga Onishchenko, Dmitry Grigoriev, Irina Demich, Vladimir Derbin and others

«A Russian Youth»
2018, 72 min
The First World War was a tragedy that launched a series of severe tests for the Russian people: the Revolution, the Civil War, famine, political repression, the Second World war. And all this fell on one generation of people. What courage and patience did those people must have had in order to survive all the upheavals of the XXth century? What was their personality like? What could they have been thinking and feeling? These questions are asked by the authors of the film "A Russian Youth". The film tells the story of a simple village boy who goes to the front of the First World war with a naive youthful dream of fame and medals. In the first battle he loses his sight. He is left to serve as a listener - he must listen carefully through huge metal funnels and raise the alarm in case of enemy airplanes' approach. Back then the basis of the Russian Empire army was formed of peasants and working class - people with a characteristic appearance, who lived lives of hard physical labor. Many non-professional actors in the film were looked for on the streets, in factories, among the cadets of military schools, in orphanages. The film features the music by Sergei Rachmaninoff, who created the Third piano Concerto in 1909 op.30. With the power and energy of this piece, the composer predicted the coming upheavals of the XXth century. One can hear Rachmaninoff's premonition about the fate of the people in the lyrical shrill melody. Three decades later, at the beginning of the Second World war, Rachmaninoff will create "Symphonic dances" op.45, an even more grand and vigorous work. After which he no longer wrote.

Filmed in collaboration with "Lenfilm Studio"

Director and Screenplay: Alexander Zolotukhin
Director of Photography: Ayrat Yamilov
Production Designer: Yelena Zhukova
Film Producer: Eduard Pichugin
Art director: Alexander Sokurov
Film Editor: Tatiana Kuzmicheva
Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Sound Engineer: Andrey Fonin
Costume designer: Olga Bakhareva
Make-up artist: Ksenia Malkina
Awards & festivals
  • Berlin International Film Festival, 2019
    Forum award
  • Seville European Film Festival, 2019
    New Waves special prize
  • Fajr International Film Festival, 2019
    "Best film", "Best debut", Critics Circle Award-2019
  • New Horizons International Film Festival, 2019
    International programme participant
  • Beijing International Film Festival, 2019
    Forward Future award
  • Sochi Open Russian Festival "Kinotavr", 2019
    Daniil Dondurei Film Critic Guild award
  • A. Tarkovskii International Film Festival "Zerkalo", 2019
    Audience Choice award
  • Baltic Debuts Film Festival, 2019
    Best director
  • Sakhalin International Film Festival "On the Edge", 2019
    Special Jury award
  • International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries in Vladivostok, 2019
    Best feature film grand prix, Fipresci Jury award
  • "White Elephant" Film Critic Guild award, 2019
    Best debut
  • Nika award, 2020
«Deep Rivers»
2018, drama, 75 minutes
The youngest son returns home to help his old father and two brothers to fulfill a lucrative logging order. Nothing has changed since he was gone: hard work to get a loaf of bread, confrontation with the inhabitants of the nearby village, inability of the family members to show their love and understanding to the closest people. And the river ready to overflow and sweep away the home any second.

Director and Screenplay: Vladimir Bitokov
Production Designer: Maxim Maleev
Director of Photography: Alexander Demyanenko
Film Producer: Nikolay Yankin
Sound Engineer: Andrey Fonin
Film Editor: Anna Mass
Composer: Murat Kabardokov
Starring: Oleg Guseinov, Rustam Muratov, Muhamed Sabiev, Tahir Teppeev, Oleg Khamokov, Mariana Kazancheva

With the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.

Awards & festivals
  • Sochi Open Russian Festival "Kinotavr", 2018
    Best Debut Award
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2018
    East of the West Competition
  • Baltic Debuts Film Festival, 2018
    Best Director's Award
  • International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries in Vladivostok, 2018
    "Cinema of Russia" Programme
  • Festival of Russian films "Sputnik nad Polska", 2018
    3rd Jury prize
  • Russian film festival in Honfleur, 2018
    Prize for the Best Debut
2017, 118 minutes
1998. The Jewish Shor family lives in Nalchik in the North Caucasus. One evening, the younger son and his bride are kidnapped by local bandits. Now Adina and Avi have to sell their small business and to seek help from their tribesmen. But the amount of ransom is unbearably large and the collected money is not enough. What are the closest people willing to go through for the sake of saving a loved one?

Script writers: Kantemir Balagov, Anton Yarush
Director of Photography:Artem Emelyanov
Film Producer: Nikolay Yankin
Production Designer: Alexey Paderin
Composer: Andrey Nikitin
Starring: Daria Zovner, Olga Dragunova, Artyom Tsypin, Veniamin Kats
Awards & festivals
  • "Nika", 2018
    Nominations Best film, Best actress, Discovery of the year, Best screenplay, Best Director
  • Cannes film festival, 2017
    Prize of the International Federation of film critics (FIPRESCI) nomination for the Main prize and Golden Camera
  • A. Tarkovskii International Film Festival "Zerkalo", 2017
    Grand Prix
  • Sochi Open Russian Festival "Kinotavr", 2017
    Иest debut, Daniil Dondurei Film Critic Guild award
  • Film festival "Pacific Meridian", 2017
    Grand Prix "Best female role"
  • International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries in Vladivostok, 2017
    Grand Prix "Best female role"
  • 2nd Malaysia Golden Global Awards, 2018
    Best supporting actor award, Best New Director, Best Actress, Best Film
  • Odessa international film festival, 2017
  • International film festival "Love and anarchy" (Helsinki), 2017
  • San Sebastian film festival
  • Munich film festival, 2017
  • Participation in "Russian film Week" in London, 2017
  • Film Award "East-West. Golden arch", 2018
2016, drama, 78 minutes
Based on the novel of the same name by Fazil Iskander – a drama about the fate of the inhabitants of the Abkhazian mountain village. After twenty years of Stalin's exile, Sofichka returns to her native Abkhazian village. All she has left are memories of a happy youth, mutual love, marriage and the death of her husband. Historical upheavals are just the background for the characters' lives. The non-linear presentation of the plot gradually develops into an epic picture of private life.

Director: Kira Kovalenko
Director of Photography: Airat Yamilov
Production Designer: Georgy Kolotygin
Costume Design: Lidiia Kriukova
Make-up artist: Daria Vasilkova
Film Producer: Nikolay Yankin
Starring: Lana Basaria, Tsiala Inapshba, Sergey Tomashevsky, Said Kamkia, Raul Kove

With the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.
Awards & festivals
  • Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival
    Special prize "For the preservation of cultural traditions", the prize of the General partner of the festival "Gazprom-oil"
  • Film festival in Dublin
    Best feature film, Best Director, Best actress (Lana Basaria)
  • Asian Pacific Screen Awards
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
  • Gorkiy fest
    Best director
2014, documentary, 60 minutes
Actor Dmitry Konsovsky was arrested on the night of 2 to 3 December 1934 during the filming of "The Strict Young Man" - three hours after a conversation with the director of the film. Four years later Konsovsky will die in a hospital of a concentration camp, without having lived to his own execution. In the 30 years of his life, he managed to work with Vsevolod Meyerhold, Abram Room and Vsevolod Pudovkin, to visit Nazi Germany and to hear the verdict of the Stalin three. After 70 years, access to the Konsovsky's criminal case was received by his brother's grandson, Nicholay.

With the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation
With the participation of "Art pictures Studio"
With the support of the "Alexander" Fund
Public Fund of Vladimir Smirnov and Lenfilm Studios

Director: Anna Bulgakova
Script authors: Anna Bulgakova, Nikolai Vershinin-Konsovsky
Director of Photography: Ivan Barhvat
Sound Engineer: Maria Ushenina
Artist: Anna Kozlova
Film Producer: Nikolay Yankin
The text read by: Nikolay Vershinin-Konsovsky, Alexander Novikov, Pavel Gniloribov
Awards & festivals
  • A. Tarkovskii International Film Festival "Zerkalo", 2015
    Competition program
2014, short film, 25 minutes
Seryozha is seven years old. He believes in Batman. Not willing to discuss the tragedy that happened to his family, Seryozha's older brother, Misha, begins to play a superhero in real life. The brothers create their own world, incomprehensible to others. But can the game last forever?

Director: Tatiana Rakhmanova
Screenplay: Irina Umanskaya, Tatiana Rakhmanova
Director of Photography: Artem Emelyanov
Costume designer: Diana Asadova
Artist: Daria Uhvatova
Sound Engineer: Pavel Gorsky
Film Producer: Nikolay Yankin
Starring: Daniil Bledny, Ivan Nikolaev, Alexander Marusev, Alena Starostina, Yakov Shamshin, Alisa Kolbenova, Ivan Vasiliev

Awards & festivals
  • Sochi Open Russian Festival "Kinotavr", 2015
    Nomination "Short meter"
  • Moscow international film festival, 2015
«It Was Summer»
2014, short film, 36 minutes
Eleven-year-old romantic Sasha and his judicious older brother stay in the village with their grandmother during summer. A local girl Zhenya attracts both of them. One day, to get rid of the annoying kid and quietly walk with her, the older brother takes Sasha to the attic. Having freed himself, the offended boy runs after him.

Director and Screenplay: Shamil Yagafarov
Director of Photography: Philip Martynov
Costume Designer: Diana Asadova
Artist: Daria Uchvatova
Composer: Alexander Knaifel
Sound Engineer: Pavel Gorsky
Film Producer: Nikolay Yankin
Starring: Gleb Mindigaleev, Daler Gazibekov, Nadezda Moshkina, Lilia Gurova, Viktor Tikhomirov, Yevgeny Tilicheev
Awards & festivals
  • Cannes film festival, 2015
    Global Russians Programme
  • A. Tarkovskii International Film Festival "Zerkalo", 2015
    Competition programme
2014, short film, 30 minutes
Pskov province, 1921. Stepan is drawing his father's portrait. The whole house is already painted with charcoal. And why Proshka's mother loves him, a foster kid, anyway? After the war, there are no men in the village and she carries the entire village's economy on her shoulders. And Stepan is painting all the time, he can't even bring the wood to the house — he always stumbles and falls. Her own son does everything by himself, and it makes him more and more peeved because Stepan. But Stepan himself - is not of this world - is trying to raise the father from the grave.

Director: Igor Olshansky
Script authors: Igor Olshansky, Dmitry Kuznetsov
Director of Photography: Anastasia Cherkasova
Artist: Sergey Zaikov
Sound Engineer: Alexander Volkov
Music By Glinka, Tchaikovsky
Film Producer: Nikolay Yankin
Starring: Maria Zhilchenko, Igor Ter-Poghosyan, Ivan Markov
Awards & festivals
  • Cannes film festival, 2014
    The film market Marche Du Film, the Global Russians program and Short Film Corner
  • LET'S CEE Film Festival, 2014
  • Warcinema Festival named after Yury Ozerov, 2014
  • International film festival "Fest", 2014
  • International TV & cinema forum "Together", 2014
  • Pushchino International Short Film Festival "In the Top Ten", 2014
  • Saint Anna Open Festival of Student and Debut Film, 2015
  • IFF short film "In the Top Ten", 2015
    Competition programme